Launch your ICO with Stepwyze

We offer comprehensive ICO development services.

Discovery Meeting

We start by fully understanding why you would like to create an ICO for your business.  This meeting is designed to create an ICO development plan which involves developing the token, the ICO Platform, and marketing the token properly.

Token Development

Our developers are able to provide the development of an ERC-20 compliant token consisting of Blockchain based smart contract code to facilitate the creation for the token.   In the creation of the token, we work with you to assign a value to the token.  We then utilize the smart contract to develop and launch the token.

ICO Platform

Our team develops a website that securely conducts the sale of the token to the general public paying in USD, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and other global currencies.  Further, we develop a secure means of distributing the token to those who purchase or own the tokens not limited to institutional investment firms and venture capital firms.  We assist in applying for exchange listings and develop and assist in securing and implementing a means of storing the access keys.