At Stepwyze, we build advanced blockchain development solutions for enterprises seeking automation.  Our experienced team can write your technically compelling white paper, develop your token, and develop your blockchain enterprise platform.

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Stepwyze combines blockchain technology, software development experience, and business acumen to build advanced blockchain automation solutions for enterprises. With the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, we utilize our experienced team of blockchain developers to build on and off enterprise blockchain automation projects.
Trust is the greatest asset in blockchain technology. Stepwyze is the source for harnessing this technology to develop transparent and secure platforms for companies and governments.  We have a stable of over 20 experienced developers ready to apply their skill to a multitude of projects who are managed by a seasoned software development manager with over 30 years experience.
As a blockchain focused automation development firm, Stepwyze is a strategic partner in the architecture, development, and the implementation of on and off blockchain automation solutions for business purposes. From conceptual planning to completion, Stepwyze undergoes a comprehensive strategic planning and project oversight process to create low risk, high value, solutions for its partners.
The firm has worked on various blockchain projects including creating a customer and employee rewards program, developing an interbank clearing house, building a digital coin backed by production capacity, and developing an on and off blockchain solution for owner controlled credentials.
Stepwyze seeks to partner with companies, and governments, to develop and implement strategic on and off blockchain hybrid solutions.
On nearly every development project, the firm is compensated in a combination of currency and equity.
Stepwyze invites investors to invest in cutting edge blockchain development projects.  Please contact us on the right or write us an email at to learn more.


Launch your ICO with Stepwyze

We start by fully understanding why you would like to create an ICO for your business. This meeting is designed to create an ICO development plan which involves developing the token, the ICO Platform, and marketing the token properly.

Our developers are able to provide the development of an ERC-20 compliant token consisting of Blockchain based smart contract code to facilitate the creation for the token. In the creation of the token, we work with you to assign a value to the token. We then utilize the smart contract to develop and launch the token.
Our team develops a website that securely conducts the sale of the token to the general public paying in USD, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and other global currencies. Further, we develop a secure means of distributing the token to those who purchase or own the tokens not limited to institutional investment firms and venture capital firms. We assist in applying for exchange listings and develop and assist in securing and implementing a means of storing the access keys.


Automation Consulting

Stepwyze consults organizations that want an effective automation system to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in the marketplace.

Blockchain Consulting

As an expert in blockchain technology, Stepwyze also consults organizations who seek to understand the benefits of blockchain technology and implement blockchain technology into their organization.  In addition, Stepwyze can build blockchain businesses for new or existing organizations.

At Stepwyze, we are your trusted blockchain advisor.  We can either advise you through this new technological movement or we can create a  unique enterprise software using revolutionary blockchain technology that focuses on:

  • Increasing security
  • Building trust
  • Streamlining business processes
  • Generating network revenue
  • Enabling new business models
  • Making device management easier while
  • Reducing cost, and
  • Reducing operating complexity

Are there any areas within your business that you would like to see improved?  Are there anything within the aforementioned list that caught your attention? If so, contact us. For automation and/or blockchain consultation, contact us directly at 602.606.7686 or fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.

Thank you for your interest in our services. We look forward to empowering your organization.


Blockchain Solutions Platform

The Blockchain Solutions Platform is a development platform that harnesses the block chain to establish a solid foundation based on transparency and trust throughout the system.

ICO Development

At Stepwyze, we are committed to assisting the client in writing a technically compelling white paper, developing the token based on the white paper, and helping marketing the tokens for sale.


At Stepwyze, we are committed to building better tools, staying ahead of technological advances, and ensuring the development process is efficient so you can focus on what you do best.


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