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Stepwyze develops decentralized blockchain software solutions that make markets universally accessible regardless of geography or economic strata.  Our vision is to create usable and transparent solutions that make supply chains and markets significantly more efficient and accessible to everyone.


Stepwyze has the depth and the resources to  educate, consult, and develop your ICO and your blockchain platform.


Stepwyze builds proprietary blockchain-based platforms to enable economic growth by solving the hard problems that many societies and industries face.


Stepwyze seeks investors who share our vision and passion to transform industries and societies.

Blockchain Development

Build your platform with Stepwyze.

At Stepwyze, we develop blockchain automation platforms to increase productivity and foster individual freedom and free markets.  We use blockchain technology to enable economic growth by solving the hard problems that many industries face.  Our system philosophy builds upon usable and transparent decentralized blockchain solutions that make markets significantly more efficient and accessible worldwide.

ICO Development

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At Stepwyze, we build advanced blockchain development solutions for enterprises seeking automation.  Our experienced team can write your technically compelling white paper, develop your token, and develop your blockchain enterprise platform.


At Stepwyze, we are your trusted blockchain advisor.

Blockchain technology is relatively new and some organizations are operating from research/development and experimental budgets that allow for a more guided, “step by step” approach.  As such, we analyze your organization’s goals, pain points, and overall objectives to determine the best blockchain based automation solution and share the system highlights with you.



SWEX is a powerful cryptocurrency exchange uniquely designed for the most advanced traders in a simple, intuitive, and secure platform.


SEZT is a comprehensive digital decentralized economic operating system whose purpose is to strengthen infrastructure and stimulate economic activity for Special Economic Zones (SEZs) around the world.

Developer Resources

At Stepwyze, we are committed to building better tools, staying ahead of technological advances, and ensuring the development process is efficient so you can focus on what you do best.

Stepwyze News

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Further Steps

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Banks, as an institution, are the antithesis of the blockchain space and everything it represents because their very existence depends on a centralized authority

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A news blockchain could play a key role in rewarding ‘diligent’ journalists for writing good news and punishing those who spread fake news.

Blockchain education

The Benefits of Blockchain

  Blockchain benefit Example / description Administer Rights Titles, Mortgages, Insurance contracts, IP, privacy, voting Share economic benefits...

Blockchain Use Cases

Many view the Blockchain as having the potential to disrupt intermediaries in many markets and revolutionize the management of identities, records,...

The Anatomy of Blockchain

Blockchain technology The blockchain is an undeniably ingenious invention – the brainchild of a person or group of people known by the pseudonym,...

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