Empowering Special Economic Zones Globally with an Efficient Digital Economic Operating System.

External link: sezchain.io

Executive Summary

Stepwyze, LLC has architected a comprehensive digital decentralized economic operating system whose purpose is to strengthen infrastructure and stimulate economic activity for Special Economic Zones (SEZs) around the world.  

SEZs are designed to be enclaves that provide a preferential business environment and economic growth for their host country.  Many SEZs attract import/export processing, manufacturing and related industries. Industries that locate within these zones typically harness low startup costs, tax incentives, and the available low to medium skilled labor market to competitively manufacture and export goods to other countries.

The most successful SEZs (I) establish government policy-based, business friendly, low-bureaucracy administrative environments, (II) provide efficient customs processes, and (III) establish streamlined, consistently enforced regulations and procedures.  

Conversely, many SEZs struggle due to poor infrastructure, poor public services, inconsistently-administered or inadequate government policies, and poor administration of (I) Immigration, (II) Customs, (III) taxes and fees, and (IV) other bureaucratic issues.

The multifaceted solution to address the problems that plague SEZs and promote economic growth is (I) building a membership consortium and (II) building the member-run SEZChain ecosystem using the SEZT (Token) as the medium of exchange on the Platform.  

The Platform (SEZChain) and the medium of exchange – SEZT – enables members to (I) establish a consortium with a vested interest in a shared, next-generation software platform that is designed to enable sustainable and scalable success to SEZs, worldwide, (II) streamline regulations within the ecosystem, (III) trigger financial events and administer legal rules programmatically, (IV) incentivize consortium members to develop and maintain strong economic infrastructures that meet or exceed global standards, (V) reduce the cost of doing business when compared to the use of traditional methods and systems.

By harnessing blockchain technology, SEZChain allows members to (I) transact with one another using one unit of exchange; (II) reliably and rapidly access and track all economic activity across the system; (III) access the balance of all trade settlement activity, and (IV) establish rules that define automated triggers for legal actions, audits, fee collection, passage of investment milestones, and other related activities.

An enormous economic advantage is possible when SEZs and industry form alliances with one another under one efficient and innovative operating system.  The Platform is this operating system and the Token is the medium of exchange that is transacted across the Platform to deliver value.

[SEZChain was formerly known as SEZT (“Zest”)]