Tue Oct 16, 2018

International development firm, Stepwyze, announces SEZChain – a new software platform designed to strengthen infrastructure and stimulate economic activity and investment for special economic zones (SEZs) globally.

Special economic zones (SEZ) are areas that are designated for specialized economic development.  In 2008, there were only 3,000 SEZs which generated 500 billion in trade. Today, there are over 5,000 SEZs in the world which add nearly one trillion dollars in production to the global economy annually, and this number is only growing.  

The Special Economic Zone Chain, or SEZChain, is a comprehensive decentralized economic operating system which offers solutions to common problems that SEZs collectively face, while promoting healthy, sustainable economic growth. This is accomplished through a member-managed Special Economic Zone Consortium (SEZCo) which operates within and directs the scope of the SEZChain ecosystem.

SEZCo members, the governing bodies of SEZs, and members of SEZs each enjoy benefits from participation in the SEZChain.  Private citizens will find it less expensive to do business. Assets can be bought and sold digitally, in real time, and with a legal audit trail. Governing bodies can more efficiently regulate and invite investment into their zones, providing new jobs for their developing local economies.

Utilizing a delegated proof-of-stake model, the SEZChain token will be the uniform medium of exchange within and between SEZs. In addition, SEZChain allows consortium members to vote on rules and changes to the system.

The SEZChain private sale is active now. For more information on SEZChain please visit www.sezchain.io.  

For more information on Stepwyze please visit www.stepwyze.io.