Venture Development

Stepwyze combines blockchain technology, software development experience, and business acumen, resulting in a multifaceted strategic partner for any business looking for advanced automation solutions.

With the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, we represent an implementation engine with a unique value proposition. We take startups, ideas, and whitepapers from zero to one, accomplishing the necessary bootstrapping that generally happens with angel benefactors, or private investment.

We are more than a venture capital company and more than a development company. We are Venture Developers.

Source of skill

Trust is the greatest asset in blockchain technology. Stepwyze is the source for harnessing this technology to develop transparent and secure platforms for companies and governments.
We have a stable of over 20 experienced developers ready to apply their skill to a multitude of projects who are managed by a seasoned software development manager with over 30 years experience.


As a blockchain focused automation development firm, Stepwyze is a strategic partner in the architecture, development, and the implementation of on and off blockchain automation solutions for business purposes. From conceptual planning to completion, Stepwyze undergoes a comprehensive strategic planning and project oversight process to create low risk, high value, solutions for its partners.


The firm has worked on various blockchain projects including creating a customer and employee rewards program, developing an interbank clearing house, building a digital coin backed by production capacity, and developing an on and off blockchain solution for owner controlled credentials.


Stepwyze seeks to partner with companies, and governments, to develop and implement strategic on and off blockchain hybrid solutions.


On nearly every development project, the firm is compensated in a combination of currency and equity.


Stepwyze invites investors to invest along side us and our partners in our managed pool funds in cutting edge blockchain development projects.  Please contact us on the right or write us an email at thrive@stepwyze.io to learn more.