Blochchain technology is a distributed ledger technology that saves time and administrative costs

A Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed database which chronologically and securely records transactions.

Value can be derived as a service, a product, or an approved Smart Contract.  Smart contracts are simple if/then statements.  For example, if X happens, then Y will happen.  These Smart Contracts can then be collateralized by digital currency.

Some Advantages of partnering with Stepwyze and using blockchain technology in your company is making your current system more secure, saving time and administrative costs.

Blockchain depends on application software and cryptography and that is why Stepwyze uses only tried and tested algorithms.  In addition, Stepwyze has the staff to build out and maintain the network.

Blockchain must be scaled to handle the number of transactions payment networks currently process for widespread adoption to take place.

Blockchain allows governments and/or companies to incentivize people towards ethical, sustainable, and transparent ways of consuming and producing goods and services.